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Our society places so much pressure on a new family. Our parental leave is inadequate and our support systems lack the knowledge of what is truly needed to help parents thrive with their newborn. Our ancestors held certain traditions as they were passed down to them, but as the industrial age came about and maternity care entered the hospitals, these rituals that once marked this important rite of passage, were forgotten. There are so many struggles that new parents face and a postpartum doula can help with the integration of this brand new family structure while providing unbiased support, relief from nightly duties so you can sleep, help create a lasting bond between parents and babe, physical nurturing, light household chores, and most importantly, encourage you follow your instincts when it comes to caring for your baby. 


As a Certified INNATE-Postpartum Care Provider, I place utmost importance in the caring for and nurturing of the birthing person because they are where health begins in the family and in our community. Modalities include vaginal steaming, sitz baths, warm-oil massage, bone closing, belly binding and active listening. Also trained in the traditional role of a Postpartum Doula, I provide day and nighttime support and education of safe sleeping, feeding, diapering and bathing of the newborn while also helping to maintain a peaceful and tidy environment in the home.


Postpartum Doula Support:

$38/hr daytime (4 hour minimum)

$40/hr night (8 hr minimum)

Postpartum Sealing Ceremony: 

$350: Includes Full Body Massage, Sitz bath or Pelvic Floor Steam, Bone Closing & Belly Binding

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