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I happened to be induced, and in the days and weeks prior to our daughter's birth, I was incredibly nervous and anxious. I really feel that Emily was there for us. She dropped by beforehand several times. She was continuously monitoring how I was feeling ahead of time, and making sure that I knew what to expect and that I was mentally and emotionally prepared as possible. She was a strong support during my labor both for myself and my husband. Our labor lasted over 24 hours and I struggled to stay on "plan" because of the induction and the use of pitocin. One of the best things about Emily's "philosophy" was that she never inserted her opinion at any time. She did not come with her own agenda. Childbirth and childrearing already come with so many opinions from your doctors, parents, strangers, etc. Emily was just there for us for whatever we wanted and needed to do. When I wanted to stay on plan, she stuck with me and helped me labor. She had excellent techniques and advice and she was very sensitive and attentive to my needs. I never felt like she could have been doing more. When we had to change plans because I was so tired, Emily was very supportive and again, non-opinionated. I just felt completely supported throughout the process. When I asked my husband what he would say, he said it was the best thing (hiring Emily) that we did in preparation for the birth."

-Natalie F.W.

"...DURING THE BIRTH SHE  WAS A GODSEND- she was helpful when I needed words of encouragement, and quiet during the most intense moments when I simply needed a calm presence. She worked in tandem with my husband and their energy together made me know that I was fully supported... 

Emily receives the highest recommendation from our family. She is confident, reassuring, and exhibits a calm wisdom that simply cannot be found in many humans. She was my companion and confidant in arguably the most intense experiences of our lives, and I am forever grateful."

-Meagan H.

"I BEGAN SEEING EMILY WHEN I WAS ABOUT 30 WEEKS PREGNANT. She is clearly well educated and experienced in prenatal care. I felt very confident that my body and my growing baby was in good hands when I saw her. My baby came on his own one week early and my recovery has been smooth...I truly believe prenatal sessions with her were a major part of that. I am looking forward to my first postpartum massage with her this week! She even encouraged me to bring my new baby and let him lay with me during the massage..."

-Jessica G.


TO HAVE A BABY BECAUSE OF MY FEAR OF LABOR. Emily was part of turning that fear into excitement.  I got to the point where I could not wait for the experience, I was so excited.  Emily helped me, my spouse and mother-in-law prepare both mentally and physically for the birth of our baby.  She also recommended some amazing resources that helped a lot, too, such as birth prep classes and books.  Her demeanor and follow-up is wonderful and you can truly see that she loves her craft and cares about her clients.  She was also instrumental in the postpartum process as well, which was SO needed for us. In addition, I did massages every week or every two weeks with Emily and that is also highly recommended." 

-Eliza R.

"IF YOU WANT THE BEST ENERGY IN YOUR PRE OR POST BABY LIFE, GO TO EMILY! Not only is she exceptionally skilled in what she does, but it is so, so important to have a therapist/doula that is calm, confident, & understanding. Her #1 goal is to support you on this motherhood journey & she is never overbearing with opinions. I had her both for prenatal massages and as a doula. Child birth is such an intimate experience and I never felt awkward having her with me for this life altering event. My husband was very grateful to have her support as well. No matter how long your labor may be, she is in it for the long haul and positive all the way..."

-Paige P.


and Emily was there when we needed her which was quite a long time. She provided so much support by doing hip squeezes and applying pressure to my lower back. I'm almost certain that we would not have achieved a homebirth without Emily's support..."

-Heather U.

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