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About Us

Licensed Massage Therapist, Perinatal Specialist
OR License # 24375

My passion is supporting families in their life's transitions with therapeutic touch and compassionate care. I have been practicing massage since 2012 and have been a doula since 2014. I have a strong foundation in anatomy and kinesiology through massage as well as education in Spinning Babies, Optimal Fetal positioning and Prenatal Yoga. As a birth and postpartum doula, I have served all combinations of families and love to help facilitate the bond between parents and their babies. 


I see pregnancy as a time to reset one's life and evaluate habits, goals, desires, needs and everything you thought you knew about life, and perhaps cultivate a new way of living to pass down to your child. I teach the importance of nourishing one's self before others and feel that changes in our communities start with new parents, even before a baby is born. I always feel so honored and humbled to witness a baby's birth into the world and those moments are proof that love is the one thing that matters.

I believe that both massage therapy and doula work allow me to live patiently, enabling me to nurture and cultivate relationships with people while providing them relief from the stresses of everyday life.


My family and I welcomed another baby into our world in 2023 and I will be on Maternity Leave until Summer 2024


Currently on Maternity Leave, please inquire again in Summer 2024!


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